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Toilet brush set with ergonomic grip

11 Jun 2013
Ergonomics and design
It is generally difficult for people in wheelchairs or people who have trouble leaning to grasp and use toilet brushes. Normally the handles are not long enough and they are too low down.
DELABIE has developed a new toilet brush with a long handle which improves its accessibility.
The handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand. The section in contact with the hand is made from a nonslip material which reduces the risk of dropping the brush; ideal for people who have problems with their grip.
In addition, when the user replaces the brush, a self-guiding system automatically centres it in the receptacle.

The new DELABIE toilet brush set has a sleek design, associated with the quality image of stainless steel. With three finishes available – polished stainless steel, satin finish or white epoxy – it will match any style or type of material used in any installation.

For intensive use in public and commercial places
Voluntary or involuntary vandalism is a key concern in highly frequented places.
The stainless steel lid of the DELABIE toilet brush set is 1mm thick. This is important as it increases its durability significantly.
To prevent the frequent thefts that occur in public and commercial places – even for this type of product, there is a wallmounted version of this new toilet brush set available, mounted via an anti-theft system.

Maximum hygiene
In sanitary installations, hygiene is a major concern.
The new DELABIE toilet brush set is designed to meet the obvious and essential principle of hygiene i.e. frequent cleaning.
The 304 stainless steel used for this toilet brush set is bacteriostatic. It limits the proliferation of bacteria.
The inner bowl can easily be removed from above, making it easier to maintain. Moreover, this bowl has a reservoir that prevents the brush from standing in residual water. This reduces splashing next time the brush is used.
The new DELABIE toilet brush offers maximum and sustainable hygiene.