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Supporting the UK staycation boom by creating more functional outdoor spaces

26 Oct 2021

UK holiday parks, visitor attractions and tourist-magnet villages, towns and cities are set for another bumper year in 2022, with staycations likely to remain the holiday of choice for Brits as they look to avoid complicated Covid-19 rules for international travel.

A survey by Square reported by City AM found that almost half of UK holidaymakers plan to continue staycations in the UK instead of travelling abroad until the pandemic is over, or at least into 2022. It reported that Cornwall, the Lake District and Scotland could be the UK’s top holiday destinations until the pandemic is over, ahead of Spain and other traditional summer hotspots.

The tourist destinations that are thriving most are those where the holidaymaker experience is aligned with modern life, with good facilities, easy access, plenty of places to eat, drink and socialise – indoors and outdoors – and where the public realm is attractive. Holidaymakers expect to find engaging places where they can find plenty of entertainment and activities as well as relaxation.

Capitalising on a new UK holiday appetite

Given that the pandemic-fuelled staycation boom has encouraged a new generation of UK holidaymakers – those who would previously only ever have considered taking a holiday abroad – it is an important time for the tourism industry to get the experience right to avoid this boom being a one-off.

Many of the country’s leading holiday parks and tourist attractions are already aligned with this strategy. Communal outdoor spaces are often more important than indoor spaces in being able to give tourists a place to spend time in the great outdoors, particularly during the summer months. These spaces can be multi-functional when they are equipped with the landscape and functionality to host events, including food and drink stalls, markets and stages for entertainment.

Connecting holidaymakers with the great outdoors

The way to create public spaces that are versatile and suitable for events is to provide them with access to power as and when they are required. The seasonal nature of UK tourism means that the vast majority of outdoor spaces will not be fulfilling the role of events venue all year round, which makes it a good idea for power sources to be removed from public sight and access when they are not required.

This is why pop up, in-ground and bollard units from UK company Pop Up Power Supplies are so valuable. They are a permanent fixture in the public realm but only visible when a connection to a power socket is needed.

Pop up power units are submerged in the ground, accessed via a lockable lid and raised from the ground by authorised users to enable power leads to be connected. When the event or requirement is over, they are simply lowered back into the ground until the next time.

In-ground units stay in the ground and are accessed by a lockable flip-lid. Once power cables are connected, the lid can be locked down to allow for continuous unattended use – an additional safety and security benefit.

And with power bollards, the option is there to incorporate power access points as part of the street furniture. These stylish, high quality bollards feature a locked door that can be accessed to connect power leads as and when required – an easy way to maintain the visual appeal of a park or streetscape whilst making the space more functional.

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