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Sensitive outdoor power solutions for Heritage Sites

12 Dec 2018

World Heritage Sites are places or buildings considered to be of outstanding universal value. Such places are either cultural or natural sites and are thought to have special importance for nations all over the world and their future generations.

The loss or deterioration of such prized locations is considered detrimental to the heritage of nations and their populations. As a result, organisations and conventions have been drawn up to protect the integrity of all Heritage Sites, particularly those which are World Heritage status.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was established to preserve and protect such Heritage Sites. An international treaty was created in 1972 at the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, seeking to protect World Heritage Sites.

Part of the process of protecting such Heritage Sites includes restoration projects, where Sites’ facilities are updated and upgraded to maintain the integrity of such a cultural/natural site. Having an outdoor power supply that is sensitive to a Heritage Site is essential to preserve its condition and status.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of retractable service units that provide a safe and secure outdoor power supply, and crucially are sensitive to the local surroundings.

Providing safe outdoor power solutions for Heritage Sites

Our range of pop up power units are fully retractable. When they are needed, the units are raised out of the ground with a simple turning handle. And when they are not needed, they are simply lowered back into the ground. Our range of in ground units (or flip lid units) features a simple open-and-close mechanism where maintenance staff can access the power points via a lid. The power units can be operated with the lids locked down.

Another advantage of the pop up power units and in ground power units above is that their lids are recessed and can accommodate any infill surface material, whether it is stone, paving or grass. This means when the units are retracted they blend seamlessly with the local environment, upholding the integrity and aesthetics of Heritage Sites.

Pop Up Power Supplies’® retractable service units also bring other functional benefits to Heritage Sites, notably an increase in safety. Traditional outdoor power supplies, such as power generators, are hazardous in their operation. Not only can visitors trip over long lengths of trailing power wires, but they also can get dangerously close to the source of electricity i.e. the generator. This poses a potential electrocution hazard.

Our flip lid power units can be carefully positioned so they are able to power nearby outdoor stalls and kiosks easily, with the lid locked down. No trip hazard. No risk of electrocution to nearby visitors. The cables that protrude the units are generally short as kiosks are placed near the power units, and in any case are covered by cable protectors.

Safe, secure outdoor power supply to Chiswick House - Grade 1 Listed Site

Chiswick House is a fantastic example of 18th-century British architecture and a popular tourist attraction. Set in glorious historic gardens, the Heritage Site underwent a £12 million restoration project in 2010.

The Chiswick House and Gardens Trust contacted Pop Up Power Supplies® with a requirement for an outdoor power source to place within the gardens. It was important that the units would not permanently impact on the beautiful aesthetics of the gardens, while being able to provide a safe source of electricity for the outdoor events they hold throughout the year.

Our range of PUPS01 pop up power units were specified and installed throughout the gardens, providing 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase sockets, all with RCBO protection. The units were simple to install and only required light excavation to install (in the form of a small digger).

Other palatial locations (beautiful sites but not Heritage status) where our retractable service units have been installed include Hampton Court Palace and Woburn Abbey. At Hampton Court Palace, PUPS02 pop up power units and PUP03 flip lid units were installed in the kitchen garden and PUPS Floorboxes were installed in the Tiltyard Function Room Garden.  At Woburn Abbey, PUPS01 pop up plug sockets were installed.

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