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Securing South Staffs Water

1 Dec 2020
Case study

Security expert Abloy UK has supplied South Staffs Water (SSW) with a bespoke PROTEC2 CLIQ® electromechanical security system for 91 of its operational sites.

SSW supplies high quality drinking water to approximately 1.3m people and 35,000 commercial customers over 1,500 square km in the West Midlands, South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, North Warwickshire and North Worcestershire areas. The SSW clean water sites include treatment works, reservoirs, pumping stations, boosters, and water towers.

The installation of the PROTEC2 CLIQ® system, which was completed by Lincoln Security, comprised of 600 Padlocks, 392 Cylinders, 200 User Keys and four Desktop Programmers. In addition, 10 Wall Programming Devices were strategically placed at offices and depots throughout the SSW geographical area to allow key holders to re validate when required.

The locking systems are now fully operational, securing and maintaining the safety of equipment - such as pumps and telemetry units - operational apparatus, chemicals, and potable water within reservoirs. There is also scope for the system to be expanded to fulfill additional security and site access requirements, as they are needed.

Abloy’s PROTEC2 CLIQ® cylinder system was chosen because it is specially designed to provide the highest level of security for the most sensitive areas; it offers a patented disc controller structure that requires a moving element in the key.


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