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Outdoor Power Solutions for Industrial Units and Manufacturing Facilities

12 Dec 2018

Providing an outdoor power supply for industrial units and manufacturing facilities is a complex task. Manufacturing facilities and factories often have unique requirements for powering specialist electrical equipment, as well as taking into account factors such as outside lighting.

Traditional power methods are often adopted in outside spaces within industrial units, such as power generators or trailing power cables from internal sockets, however these often pose safety hazards for workers.

Pop Up Power Supplies® manufacture and supply a range of Retractable Outdoor Power Units to provide a safe, secure outdoor power supply. These are a far more practical external power supply compared to traditional methods, and it means industrial units can operate with a higher degree of functionality and safety in their outside spaces.

Powering outside spaces within industrial units and manufacturing facilities

Factories and manufacturing facilities require outside lighting supply to light up car parks or turning circles for forklifts to operate. Many facilities run 24 hours a day therefore workers need to be able to operate forklifts and other machinery safely outside in the dark.

This requires an external power source that is safe and cannot interfere with manufacturing operations. Our range of Pop Up Power Units and In-Ground Units provide an effective outside power source and are fully retractable.

The Pop Up Units provide a range of electric sockets – 16, 32, 63 and 125 amps, all with RCBO protection. The sockets are housed in sturdy cast iron and concrete units and have stainless steel lids. Operating the power units is simple, they are raised and lowered by a simple handle (supplied with the units) where workers and staff can raise or lower the units as and when they are needed.

Our range of In Ground Power Units also provide an outside power supply for industrial units and manufacturing facilities. One of their main advantages is the units provide an outdoor power source with the lids locked down, which increases safety (i.e. reducing any trip hazards) and reduces any chance of vandalism or wear and tear from harsh weather conditions.

The power units are manufactured from high grade mild steel – Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461. The covers for the In Ground Units are tested unfilled to FACTA class B loading, making them ideal for car parks, turning circles and outside industrial areas where forklift trucks, lorries and other machinery operate.

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