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Landscape design must be led by sustainability

16 May 2022

Sustainable design practices must be a top priority for garden design in 2022, according to leading drainage manufacturer, ACO Water Management.

While a number of trends often focus on aesthetic appeal and colour schemes, ACO is encouraging landscape designers and architects to ensure sustainable solutions are the top priority when delivering future projects.

The impact of climate change has already led to the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) creating ambitious targets for its members to reduce carbon, chemical and peat-based products.

Another key sustainable practice the APL is targeting is that of water management. By 2025, the APL is looking to work with its members to deliver an aggregate 40% increase in the proportion of water that comes from non-mains and re-used water sources, such as rainwater and runoff capture. As such, implementing sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) should be a key priority for those involved in designing and building gardens.

Oliver Collins at ACO said: “Climate change has meant that water management has moved from a ‘issue’ to an ‘asset’ in garden design. While it could lead to a new outlook in terms of garden design, it also opens up a number of opportunities, particularly as the public continues to reassess its relationship with outdoor spaces following the pandemic.

“Every house in the UK can have a role to play to support the climate and understanding sustainable best practice is therefore going to grow in importance this year. By adopting SuDS solutions and retaining water on-site, we can ensure runoff rainwater does not fill public sewers.”

To support landscapers and designers, ACO has launched a new guide for sustainable design. Offering guidance on legislative updates, it outlines the opportunities to integrate SuDS into new garden projects.

Oliver Collins added: “Protecting the environment is not only being led by governmental changes – customer demand is also hugely influential. With climate change dominating headlines following COP26, designers and landscapers should be prepared to expect more customer demand for sustainable practices. Our guide offers examples of best practice, as well as inspiration on how to design practical solutions.”

For more information and to download the guide – Sustainable design ­– please visit:

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