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Introducing Specwall…


Specwall is an advanced and sustainable alternative to blockwork, plasterboard and SFS systems that is transforming the UK construction industry. It offers inherent insulation, acoustic and fire ratings in the form of a lightweight solid panel, and allows for the direct application of finishes including tiles and paint. It is not affected or damaged by water or mould and can be installed before the building is watertight, making it suitable for pre-build, Cat A and Cat B installs. 

Specwall is a safe, efficient, sustainable wall system which provides a wide range of benefits to users, including:

  • Reduced labour - Time and motion studies show Specwall can reduce labour hours needed for installation by more than 55%
  • Time saving - Our modular single-visit construction process with inherent structural and insulating properties offers significant programme savings.
  • Reduced costs - Depending on your application, Specwall can save on your overall project costs.
  • Water resistant - Specwall is not affected or damaged by water or mould and can be installed before the building is watertight.
  • Sustainability - Modular all-in-one product means Specwall achieves minimal wastage, and all of that can be recycled.
  • Efficiency - Streamline your Project Management process by reducing wall types and requiring fewer trades on site.

The values inherent in every Specwall panel are impressive, and offer substantial improvements over traditional wall systems. In every respect, Specwall is a superior product which makes the likes of plasterboard and blockwork obsolete in many cases.

No other panel is comparable to the speed and cost of installing Specwall, and our Technical Team can design a bespoke system to meet any requirements in the following areas:

  • Fire resistance - Specwall is A2 – S1 d0 rated. The three parts of Specwall are non-combustible, including the Specwall Core, and covered within BSEN ISO 1716 part of BSEN13501 2018. Due to this, Specwall can achieve a minimum of 2 hours or more fire rating – a rating in excess of Building Regulations. This compares favourably to plasterboard systems which are rated for just two hours.
  • Insulation u-value - Reducing the heat loss of your building is one of the best ways to improve its environmental footprint. A u-value refers to the sum of thermal resistances built up by the layers of your building. The way to achieve the right u-value for your wall system will vary by development, but our Technical Team will assist with the calculations as part of designing the wall system to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Wall acoustics - Specwall systems can be designed to achieve your target acoustic ratings by our Technical Team who offer bespoke calculations as part of the design package. Installing high-performance acoustic walls is a key part of improving quality of life for end users. Our panels are durable and provide excellent acoustic performance, making them suitable for all types of development.

Installing Specwall panels into any building project can help organisations to achieve a high BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) rating in the following categories:

  • Materials
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Recycled Content

Specwall is a truly “on site” sustainable wall system. Panels are fully adaptable to new floor plate configurations and completely reusable in situ. Specwall sends less than 0.5% waste to landfill. The only waste is the dust which is a symptom of the cutting of panels and, as this is cementitious and inert, it can be fully recycled as an addition to hardcore collection.

All “off cuts” are reused on site as part of the installation process. Furthermore, all general waste is compacted, and any recyclable material is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

The factory-made, precision-engineered wall panels which make up the Specwall system add speed, efficiency and quality to all sectors of construction and are demonstrating their worth on projects across the UK and beyond.