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Gerflor’s new LVT Creation 70 & 55 ranges look into the future

5 Jun 2015

International vinyl flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor has refreshed its popular LVT Creation & Insight ranges and has also re-branded the collections.

Gerflor’s LVT Creation ranges provide cutting-edge, attractive, design-led solutions for most contract applications. Designed for medium traffic areas for light commercial use at one end of the spectrum is the LVT Creation 55 range and for the heaviest footfall at the other end is Creation 70 range.

These sophisticated ranges offer a brand new palette of realistic wood and mineral finishes in tile and plank formats, with beveled edges. In addition to this, the looselay CLIC System’s unique vertical interlocking format allows this product to be laid quickly over most existing surfaces, with no need to close premises during refurbishments saving customers time and money. Perfect for the retail, hotel, hospitality, administration, leisure or domestic sectors.

Gerflor has taken a bold step in rebranding and re-organising its LVT range, producing some stunningly attractive new colours, designs, effects and formats. It’s been a design journey that seems to have paid huge dividends. The change is both very apparent and hugely relevant, delivering a broader scale of choice. Contemporary, modern, stylish designs are available as well as the more traditional colourways to cover the needs of all customers.

The Creation and Insight ranges have now not only morphed into Creation 70 and Creation 55 collections but they also encapsulate all of Gerflor’s installation systems by embracing the Dry Back (glued), the Interlocking system (CLIC) and the looselay X’Press products.

Nav Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor, said, ‘’This rebranding exercise has enabled us to enrich an already popular range and has also delivered some fabulous brand new additions which we believe our customers will really love’’.

Gerflor has also made a smart step to reorganise the ranges, integrating common designs between Dry Back, CLIC System and X’Press, whilst adding brand new designs for the CLIC system in tiles and XL plank formats, together with adding increased X’Press solutions.


For Creation 70, four new designs are now available in Dry Back which now includes two new mineral designs; Dock Taupe and Dock Grey, hugely popular and well received in the market place to date. Two new wood designs Victoria Oak and Wild Oak also make their first appearance.

The Creation 70 CLIC System has been enriched with both planks and tiles delivering eight exciting new designs in tiles and a new XL format in planks 20.4x123.9mm with 10 new designs. All these designs are also available in a Dry Back construction. Product construction remains the same 6mm thickness and comes with 0,7 wear layer.

The Creation 70 X’Press range also gets the makeover treatment benefiting from the huge amount of R&D that Gerflor have put into this re-branding and updating of the range.

The high traffic Creation X’Press version was launched with a specific product construction adapted for heavy traffic applications with a 5mm thickness, 0.70mm wear layer and comes with a double fibre grid. The PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) has been redesigned to ensure better resistance to traffic without compromising the looselay application.

The new Creation 70 X’Press range is composed of 15 designs which delivers a designers dream in terms of finish and colour choices. There are four textile designs 50x50 cm, four mineral designs 45.7x91.4cm & 61x61cm and seven wood designs XL formats 18.4x121.9cm


The new Creation 55 is a perfect match for moderate traffic areas in commercial, offices, hospitalities, restaurants, and housing and has a 0.55 mm wear layer and is now available in 69 designs with 7 different sizes in tiles & planks

Nav Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor, said, ‘’By refreshing the Insight range and re-launching it to market as Creation 55 we believe that we have opened up the design choices for a host of specifiers’’.

Creation 55 has been re-designed for Dry Back products to be able to fully Integrate into new trendy designs, including more tiles and enable the common designs between Dry Back, CLIC System & X’Press to fully benefit.

There are 32 new designs added into the range and Gerflor have worked the Creation 55 range in line with the new decorative trends including improvement of some classic wood, introduction of trendy grey wood and a launch of some new eye-catching designs.

11 new mineral tile designs and a new XL TILE format 45.7x91.4cm join new plank designs with 21 new wood plank designs and a new XL format 18.4x137.1cm. There are also common designs with CLIC and X’Press which are available in Dry Back versions. The complete dry back range counts with more than 60 sku’s.

The Creation 55 CLIC System (former Insight CLIC system) will be enriched with a new XL format in planks 20.4x123.9mm with 15 new designs. All these designs will also be available in a Dry Back construction. Product construction remains the same 5mm thickness and comes with 0.55 wear layer.

The Creation 55 X’press range (former Insight X’Press) remains the same but with the new Gerflor branding.

The Creation 70 & Creation 55 ranges are also 100% recyclable, REACH compliant and are treated with PUR+ surface treatment, providing excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching.

Look out soon for a brand new Creation 30 Xpress range ideal for residential applications. And in early 2016 the complete Artline range will be replaced in Dry Back and, CLIC with some new exciting designs and colourways as well as new branding to launch the collection 

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