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Bluebell Architectural & Design Products has just announced their introduction of the Silvelox range of garage doors. It must be said, though, that the term ‘doors’ hardly does justice to the ingenuity and engineered elegance of the Italian company’s designs. With more than 20 very different models to choose from, these are doors as integral parts of an architectural vision – from modern contemporary lines to classic designs, every model can be customised to fit seamlessly into the building’s envelope.

It means a humble garage door can be so much more – a striking design feature in its own right, perhaps incorporating a smaller concealed pedestrian door. Or, with clever use of exterior claddings to match the façade, the garage door/ aperture can become all but invisible if that is what your concept demands.

Behind all this Italian style is a great deal of substance based on more than half a century’s experience. For example, Silvelox’s trackless technology and discreetly integrated and counter-weighted opening mechanism ensure there are no ugly metal rails, wheels or wires to interfere with those carefully conceived sight lines or compromise pre-existing features.

There is also a reassuring solidity and weight to Silvelox doors. Not only are they security certified for burglary protection, all designs offer impressive noise reduction characteristics and can be insulated up to a thermal value of U=1 W/m2K. Equally importantly, the patented SECURLAP sectional door system makes it possible to fit a Silvelox door into surprisingly confined spaces. 

Remote controlled (with rolling code protection) from the comfort of your car, Silvelox’s patented electro-mechanical motors are cunningly concealed within the frame and drive the door’s opening and closing with smooth, almost silent, controlled precision.

For more information contact Bluebell   T: 01371 873313