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Collingwood Centre, Rugby School

9 Jan 2014
Case study

The entrance to the newly refurbished Collingwood Centre at Rugby School benefits from a set of two-leaf automatic sliding doors, designed and installed by Dotcom Glazing Ltd and powered by the technologically advanced TORMAX iMotion 2301 operator.  “We have found TORMAX iMotion operators really do deliver when it comes to reliability in high foot traffic locations like this,” comments Ray Kemp, Commercial Manager for Dotcom Glazing.  “They are definitely a cost-effective option in the long-term and, with 95% of components being recyclable, they tick the sustainable box too.”

A busy site, the Collingwood Centre has given Rugby School an extra 3,000m² of teaching space set within a beautiful mid-19th Century building.  It also houses a 6th Form social centre with common room and café, as well as a dining hall capable of seating up to 200 pupils.

To the east of the Collingwood Centre is the Sports Centre which also features a TORMAX iMotion automatic entrance, installed in 2012 as part of a rolling programme of improvements.  “Although much of the School is situated in period buildings we are committed to ensuring clear and easy access for all pupils, staff and visitors,” explains Paul Barnes, Project Manager at Rugby. “Installing automatic entrances wherever possible is an essential to improving accessibility.”

Designed to operate continuously with minimum maintenance, iMotion operators feature a range of internal self-monitoring functions which not only check the sensors every single cycle but also automatically adapt door operation to take account of external factors such as high winds or a build-up of dirt, which may otherwise impede smooth operation.  The motors themselves feature none of the parts that usually need regular replacement such as gears and brushes, significantly cutting out down time for maintenance.

TORMAX UK Ltd designs, manufactures and installs bespoke automatic entrance systems that includes revolving, curved-sliding and folding doors.  Developed at the Swiss HQ, the iMotion operators represent the latest in cutting edge technology and deliver unparalleled reliability.

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