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Childcare institutions with sound design

Troldtekt A/S
14 Oct 2019


The design of spaces for children is intriguing because of the permanent influence it can have on them.


A new online theme by Danish acoustic panel manufacturer Troldtekt explores how good acoustics plays its part when designing these areas.


Of course, other factors such as colour, shapes, robustness and finish also have an impact but so does sound. Children are noisy and active and the rooms they inhabit are typically large.


Careful design considerations are particularly important because a child’s environment moulds their perspectives for the future and the development of the mind and body.


School, activity and childcare spaces all affect self-esteem, performance and friendships and help shape the individual into the adults they will become.


Many studies have shown the effect noise has on wellbeing and learning. This is the reason why the products of specialist manufacturers like Troldtekt are specified to solve the problems of noise and reverberated sounds.


If acoustic absorption is ineffective, discomfort and irritation will result from the reverberations. If it is designed well, the participant’s interest will increase, as many case studies for new and transformed buildings prove.


Education psychologist Mille Sylvest comments, “It’s very important to be aware of noise when designing facilities. Noise affects stress levels for both children and staff because nobody can endure spending long periods of time in a noisy environment. Lower energy levels, more sick leave and poorer learning outcomes are the direct results of noise.”


Specified throughout the UK and Europe, the benefits of 100% Troldtekt natural wood wool panels include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability.


This high performance is recognised by their Cradle to Cradle certification at Silver level. Available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme fine to coarse, the panels can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.


Samples, case studies and technical information are easily sourced from tel 01978 664255 or visit


More information around the theme of multi-purpose venues theme can be found on



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