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28 Jul 2009
A Calorex dehumidifier is maintaining perfect climatic conditions at a new state of the art storage facility set within a chalk hillside on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border.

Dean Hill started life as the Naval Armaments Depot and the bunkers have been snapped up as high security storage for a number of national arts organisations.

Totally devoid of sunlight and only accessible via internal entrance tunnels, the bunkers were perfect for conversion to ‘vaults’.

A Calorex DH150AX dehumidifier provides a reliable and efficient method of solving problems of excess moisture and condensation that cause damage and deterioration to ensure the safe storage of irreplaceable works of art.

Drying by traditional heating involves continuously warming a stream of outside air on a constant ‘in and out’ cycle equivalent to eight times the volume of the room every hour.

Dehumidification, on the other hand, is much more sophisticated. It re-circulates the same air and physically removes moisture from it. Typically, for every unit of energy that a Calorex dehumidifier consumers, it will convert 2.5 times this amount to useable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of 500% are not unusual.

“It’s unlikely that nuclear weapons were ever stored long term at Dean Hill,” says Michael Festenstein, managing director of Oxford Exhibition Services. “However, what better legacy could the peace process have given the arts than this superb safe storage for invaluable artefacts.

“For us, this involved installing bespoke-designed systems to create controlled stable environments and other measures to make the placing and removal of priceless objects as risk free as possible,” says Michael.

“Calorex has more than played its part in helping us to achieve ideal environmental conditions.”

Dehumidification is much more sophisticated than heating. It re-circulates the same air and physically removes moisture from it. This alleviates the need to continuously reheat incoming air. Not only that, a dehumidifier will cleverly convert energy taken out of the room as moisture (latent energy), to create ‘sensible energy’ that can be used to heat the room, accelerating the drying process.

The DH150, 300 and 600 dehumidifiers from Calorex are versatile floor standing units that are suitable for a number of applications including:

• Industrial agricultural

• Warehousing/equipment stores

• Metals storage

• Pumping stations

• Spare part stores

• Museums and art galleries

For full details on the DH150, 300 and 600 or Calorex’s extensive range of environmental control solutions, call 01621 856611 during normal office hours. Alternatively, visit the Calorex website at or email