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Building is Art 

29 Aug 2023
By Sandra Hedblad, Head of Learning

‘Building is Art’ was a hands-on summer course for 7–12-year-olds that delved into the world of plant-based and eco-friendly building materials, merging the realm of art with construction to craft innovative artworks. 

In the first session, straw, herbs, and flowers were woven together to create intricate thatched patterns, a testament to the potential of organic resources in construction. The designs were then tested for their durability using wind and paint. The result? A collection of colourful and surprising artworks! As one of the young participants aptly puts it, ‘It was fun painting the thatch. I also liked spray painting outside to make our artworks! 

Our next activity examined plants and their benefit to the urban environment. From amplifying biodiversity and purifying the air to mitigating flood risks, decreasing noise levels and making us happy, plants emerged as unsung heroes of our cities. Guided by the session facilitators, the group planted their own plant walls which both looked and smelled amazing.  

The art club concluded by exploring the textures and colours of cob and adobe. With a blend of water, soil, chalk and clay, each participant concocted their own unique ‘paint’ mixture. Wonderful, and tactile masterpieces emerged from this creative mess 

To celebrate our learning and creativity, the artworks were exhibited at the Building Centre, each showcasing a mix of creative expression and ecological consciousness of the course participants  

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We extend our thanks to Mobilane for generously providing us with the LivePicture GO frames that are featured as part of the artworks in the exhibition. 


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