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Arstyl® 3-dimensional design panels NEW Stripe & SQUARE

18 Feb 2016

On-trend wall decoration goes from strength to strength.

Following the successful roll-out of Arstyl Wall Panels, the ‘Square’ and ‘Stripe’ models are being added to the NMC wall panel range in 2016.

Enthusiasm for the Arstyl Wall Panels, which NMC brought to market for the first time in early 2015, and which had already been nominated for, and won, various trend awards, is showing no signs of abating. Quite the reverse, in fact: the premium-quality three-dimensional wall panels have become so popular with builders, interior designers, decorators and designers that it was only logical to add some new models to the NMC wall panel range. The company will be unveiling the new ‘Square’ and ‘Stripe’ designs, both have been developed by Michaël Bihain, who has already been responsible for designing four of the first six attractive panels. The co-founder of the ‘BihainProd’ studio in London is among the leading Belgian designers. His designs and models offer designer elements which can be deployed individually and creatively, in keeping with the motto ‘everyone is a designer’.

Whether it be a squashy cushion or a tempting bar of chocolate, the design of the square has all sorts of associations. The new panel oozes a feeling of wellbeing and means that every single interior can be given its own unique signature. The feature colours available are what really make the pattern stand out. Whether on a small decorative object or right across a whole wall, there is virtually no limi to the applications and the possibilities for creative, individualistic wall decoration. The panels can be used on walls or ceilings alike, giving any room its own unique style.


The new ‘Stripe’ model harks back to wooden wall panelling which radiates warmth and comfort. The straight lines lend any interior an appealing breadth. These panels, too, can be individually coloured and also fitted separately. They can be fitted either horizontally or vertically, or even at a 45-degree angle, in a herringbone pattern or with a symmetrical appearance reminiscent of an open book. These five different approaches obviously offer a whole host of options for creative design solutions. In addition, ‘Stripe’ has been specially designed to incorporate LED lighting. Lighting effects can be used individually or across the whole surface, offering yet more design options. This colourful yet subtle play between light and shade enhances the interplay of colour and pattern even further.

Thanks to Adefix Plus, NMC’s own adhesive, the relatively light but still sturdy ‘Square’ and ‘Stripe’ panels are quick and easy for the expert to fit. They are simple to lay side by side or if necessary they can easily be cut to size. They are factory-painted in white matt acrylic to give optimum keying for the final paint coat, and the milled side edges make for a perfect fit. The imaginative patterns enable you to add a splash of colour where you want, and stamp your own look on your home. The new models also offer an ideal basis for design-led and effective decorative solutions.

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