Building better: materials and their impact on wellbeing


This half-day seminar brings together industry experts to identify the materials and processes that must be used in order to build better and ensure wellbeing in the built environment. It will evaluate material developments today and reflect on the past for a renewed understanding of the importance of truth to materials.

The materials that make the built environment have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Materials can contribute to buildings’ poor air quality (including hazardous emissions) and bad thermal and damp conditions with detrimental effects on our health. Unsustainable processes used in the creation of many common chemical building materials also contribute significantly to damaging the wider environment, with far reaching effects on wellbeing.

The rising prominence of wellbeing building standards makes this subject a core consideration for the specifier. Increased awareness of the impact of our environment on health, wellbeing and productivity means that building for wellbeing will soon become paramount. Sustainable, non-toxic, healthy materials will be at the forefront of this movement. 

Speakers include:

- Tom Woolley, architect and educational consultant at Rachel Bevan Architects, author of Natural Building - a Guide to Materials and Techniques 

Richard Hull, professor of chemistry and fire science at the University of Central Lancashire, specialising in fire retardancy and fire toxicity

- Fran Bradshaw, partner of Ann Thorne Architects and architect of the Eco-Hub, Haringey, and Hickling House, Norfolk

James Todd, associate director of Architype

- Alex Sparrow, director of UK Hempcrete and leading adviser on the use of hemp-lime

- Matt Nalborczyk, Grenian, natural construction solutions experts

The event will start at 2.00pm.There will be two sessions of speaker presentations and panel discussion divided by a tea and coffee break. The seminar will finish at 6.00pm and will be followed by a drinks reception.


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This event is part of the Making Wellbeing event series, curated by The Built Environment Trust.