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Platform - Dyson Design Series

Dyson Design Series is an exhibition and event programme celebrating the potential of science, engineering and design to create products that consider our wellbeing

‘Dyson’s Healthy Desk’ exhibition is a public interactive display at the Building Centre from 16 September to 25 October 2019.

We are spending more time than ever indoors; working, studying, eating, exercising, sleeping and playing all behind closed doors. Our bodies evolved over millions of years to function according to the natural daylight cycle and breathe pollutant-free air. But now, living a twenty-first century lifestyle, we can spend up to 90% of our time indoors where pollutants can be trapped inside, poor hand hygiene can transport bacteria from desk to desk, and blue light can disrupt our natural sleep patterns, all of which can affect our wellbeing.

This autumn, in collaboration with the Building Centre, Dyson have curated the Dyson Design Series – an exhibition and events programme celebrating the potential of science, engineering and design to create products that consider our wellbeing.

Dyson’s latest products that work to minimise the negative health effects of poor air quality, artificial light, and now hand hygiene, are on display.

Launched on 16 October, the Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer is the fastest, quietest and most energy efficient model to date. Designed for the wellbeing of the user and planet, a HEPA filter captures 99.95 per cent of airborne particulate pollution while in each eco mode dry only 9.1kJ of energy is used.

The events programme brings together experts in the fields of science and engineering, architecture, and business, to discuss how the design community can help find and implement solutions that can create better workplace wellbeing.


The Dyson Design Series is an exhibition and public programme of events curated by Dyson and the Building Centre exhibitions team.


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