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Instagram live: ACAN’s Kat Scott and TTF’s David Hopkins in conversation about climate change and tropical timber

Thu 20 Aug 2020, 5pm

Join us on Instagram live, Thursday at 5pm, as Kat Scott, Architects' Climate Action Network coordinator, engages David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation, in a conversation about climate change with a focus on tropical timber.

Kat will interrogate David about aspects of the timber’s real social and environmental impact – asking what you always wanted to know but might have been too afraid to ask – as David sets out the case for the use of FLEGT licenced tropical timber.

The conversation aims to demystify FLEGT timber licensing and get to the heart of important questions for designers, makers and specifiers conscious of the significance of a material’s provenience and supply chain.

Can FLEGT licensing be seen as a mechanism from the ‘West’ to exert control over developing/ less developed countries? How credible is a FLEGT license? And how is this ensured? Can the FLEGT Action Plan help reduce deforestation?

Join us on Thursday to find out! Follow us on Instagram to watch the live stream and ask your own questions in the live chat.

If you are convinced by the conversation, don’t forget to enter the design competition Conversations about Climate Change before the deadline!

Conversations about Climate Change is a partnership between the Building Centre and the Timber Trade FederationSupported by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

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