New Ground is the first senior co-designed cohousing community of its kind in the UK and carves a path for future cohousing and senior communities.

Cohousing is about living as a part of a group, sharing meals and amenities, whilst still maintaining a personal life and private space. The concept was pioneered in Denmark in the 1970s to keep the elderly active, engaged, happy and healthy. Inhabited by women aged 50 and above, this new purpose-built block of flats in High Barnet is an alternative to living alone.

“Participating in the design gave me a sense of what it was going to be like to be there — I felt already at home when I moved because I was creating it. ‘What does living here mean to me? “Relaxation...enjoyment — a future at 84!” Angela, OWCH member and resident at New Ground.

“The building’s design and the nature of the community has created an inspiring balance between privacy and mutual support. We are thrilled to be at the vanguard of a new type of healthier residential living for old women.” Shirley, OWCH member and resident at New Ground.

Video: ‘Senior cohousing – a different way of living’. A newly commissioned video about the project and the women’s experience of living there.


Location: United Kingdom

Credit: Older Women’s Co-housing (OWCH) and Pollard Thomas Edward

Images: Tim Crocker and Joe Okpako