Hydroponic living wall

Green walls are used for environmental and wellbeing benefits that range from aesthetics to air and acoustic quality.

However, maintenance can be a concern, notably when soil-based planting becomes exhausted of nutrients. Biotecture is a UK-based company pioneering the use of hydroponic living walls, where the plants are bedded in the inert material Grodan and nutrients are fed through watering. Recent projects include the Garden Gate at Heathrow, Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street (see accompanying video), Lord’s cricket ground and King’s Cross regeneration.

Biotecture’s new free-standing living wall unit incorporates the experience of the past decade into a product that can quickly improve an interior. Two planting options are here;

 – Subtropical Rainforest  has an organic pattern to create an enlarging effect of a space using subtropical rainforest plants; lush ferns, vines and moss-like plants with a sprinkle of colour for highlights. This design aims to reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance wellness.

 – Fresh Air contains plant species selected by NASA for their air-purification properties. The areca palm and peace lily can remove harmful toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving indoor air quality with naturally increased oxygen and reduced carbon dioxide.


Location: United Kingdom

Credit: Biotecture