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William McDonough: Cradle to Cradle, the Circular Economy, and the New Language of Carbon 

McDonough spoke to a packed audience and the event was live-streamed in the Main Gallery at The Building Centre, Store Street, London on Friday 13 January 2017

Introduced by Colin Tweedy, chief executive of The Building Centre

Chaired by Lewis Blackwell, curator of SuperMaterial and executive director of strategy and development at The Built Environment Trust


Eminent Engineers: Derek Sugden 1924 - 2015

Derek Sugden, alongside Sir Ove Arup, Philip Dowson and Bob Hobbs, established Arup Associates in 1963. He went on to set up Arup Acoustics in 1980. Derek was responsible for prominent work such as the Snape Maltings Concert Hall and the new opera house at Glyndebourne and Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

This film, taken from The Building Centre archive shows Derek Sugden in conversations with Chris Wise and Mark Whitby about his career in engineering.

This video was produced in 1997 as part of The Building Centre’s Eminent Engineers series.


Rethinking the way we live: co-housing 

As London grapples with the housing crisis there is an increasing demand for different housing options. This panel discussion by The Building Centre and the Museum of Architecture took place on 14 December 2015, it asks if co-housing is a solution.


Minecraft Map of Great Britain by Ordnance Survey 

The convergence of new digital tools, and the growing impact of ‘gamification’, is highlighted in this exploration by the Ordnance Survey. This video formed part of our 'Drawn to the Future' exhibition in 2015.


Middle East stadium concept wind analysis, Arup 

Innovative visualisation of how airflows can work to contain cool air in a stadium. This video formed part of our 'Drawn to the Future' exhibition in 2015.