Timber Transformer  

The FLEGT licensing process has had an impact that begins with maintaining forests while developing and building a sector where wealth is more fairly distributed. The data below shows the impact the licensing has already had within Indonesia.

Key statistics indicating progress made by 31 December 2015:

– More than 2700 industries
23 million hectars of pruction forests are SVLK certified. That is 100% of active concessions. 
1 million Supplier's Declaration of Conformaty documents were used by small-scale private forest owners.
– Almost 1800 exporters are SVLK certified. This includes 96% of all timber and timber product exporters.
– The SVLK issues 354,169 v-legal export licences to 194 types of timber products. Licensed timber products had a net weight of 33.25 million tons and were worth 22.94 billion
– Indonesia exported SVLK-licensed timber products to 195 countries including 25 countries in the European Union. 
– Licensed timber products from 86 ports in Indonesia to 2538 ports overseas.

FLEGT has already had an impact in the value of products being exported to the UK and the EU, with products such as furniture and woodworking increasing dramatically, stimulating new skills and investment back in Indonesia.