Timber Transformer  

Image captions: Women are playing an increasing role in the growth of  artisanal businesses within the developing forest industries.

All these new kinds of relationships between, people, businesses, forests, timber, products, audits and compliance are dynamic. To understand what is working and what isn’t, to help policy, environmental and economic decision-making, requires sophis-ticated methods of gathering and tracking data. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry has developed the Sustainable Production Forest Information System (SIPHPL). This is a publicly accessible tracking and assessment tool, which reassures and strengthens forest governance, and provides transparency and accountability in managing forest  resources.

The Sustainable Production Forest Information System works through the gathering and sharing of  information at every point of production and creation of value, from the data produced by the logging of timber to the assessment of data that makes the policy that shapes how the data transforms the system again. There are six main points of interaction in which data is formed and transformed from the system and feeds back into it.

1. Forest concession and permit holders or owners of private/community forests report all transactions of timber, from inventory, harvesting, trading and transportation – they no longer have to manually provide reports.

2. Downstream timber processing industries, traders or timber depots.

3. The legality verification bodies who verify reports from forest concession permit holders or private forest owners and industries. This verification is essential for the documentation required for export.

4. The Production Forest Management Agency (BPHP) co-ordinates with Provincial and District Trade and Industry offices to gather and supply data on primary and processing timber industries.

5. The Provincial Forestry Offices accesses data from the system to monitor the circulation of timber product within their jurisdiction.

6. The Director General for Sustainable Production Forest, the administrator of the system manages the data and develops policies regarding the use and access of the system.