Timber Transformer  


This is a story of how political and policy reform can transform forest governance. It concerns complex international markets and trade flows in timber and its products. It is also a story of how we can, globally, focus on what really matters: working together to make a difference.

Indonesia is one of 17 countries designated ‘megadiverse’ because 
of the scale of its biodiversity [1].  It is the world’s third largest area of tropical rainforest [2]. This covers 67% of the country and the country’s latest total export volume of timber products is valued at around $10 billion annually. 

It matters when illegal logging takes place as it destroys rainforest, affects communities and devastates habitats and species. This activity damages a resource crucial to Indonesia’s economy and the world’s climate. It’s why Indonesia, the European Union and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development have created a system for timber production, certification and control that is transforming the market for timber whose source is replenished through the practice of regulated, controlled and monitored forest management practices and chain of custody control. 

This exhibition explains how global forest governance is transforming, and can enrich how we specify with timber and how the timber we buy can enrich the lives of others. It is also about how we are all connected, why things grown and made in Indonesia matter here, and how the design, growing and use of timber in the age of climate change can greatly influence the future for Indonesians, for the rainforest and for us.

[1.] As assessed by US non-profit Conservation International
[2.] The Guardian, 29 Jun 2014

The Built Environment Trust would like to thank the Timber Trade Federation, UKaid, the Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme (Indonesia) and the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry for  the information and support that made this exhibition possible.

Timber Transformer is open at The Building Centre from Monday 5 February to Tuesday 15 May.

Mon  Fri: 9.00am 6.00pm
Sat: 10.00am   5.00pm