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LG Therma V Heat Pumps

75% Natural + 25% Electricity

LG’s Therma V Split is a range of air-to-water heat pumps that provide heating and hot water for both domestic and commercial properties. LG offers 4 versions of the Therma V: 9, 12, 14 and 16 Kwh which are approximately 450% more efficient than traditional heating systems.

There are three unit models in the Therma V range: Therma V Monobloc and Therma V Split Heat Pump and High-Temperature Type.

Therma V Monobloc Heat Pump

The Therma V Monobloc is an ‘all-in-one’ heat pump unit, designed as a response to the growing new build and refurbishment sectors. The system operates up to 30% more efficiently than other air-to-water units on the market. Customers can choose their system in a variety of outputs- from 3kW-16Kw.

The Monobloc offers low/medium temperature heating and domestic hot water supply. It does not need refrigerant piping work since the outdoor unit is connected by water piping. The wide louvre fin and heat exchanger path conserves energy, boosts reliability and provides an increased exchange rate. In addition, the inverter water pump makes sure that no energy is wasted.

Extra features include LG’s proprietary pressure control sensor which enables the unit to make faster more precise decisions regarding the load variation and has a built in to step emergency operation feature that guarantees the Therma V Monobloc won’t break.

Therma V Split Heat Pump

The Therma V Split Heat Pump follows similar principles to the Monobloc but differs in that it comes with an auxiliary indoor unit that can manage air source heating or cooling in different rooms of the house, or ‘zones’.

Split systems are more compact and some models come with 4 indoor air handling units which are spaced out around a building but connected to a core unit outside. Each unit has its own thermostat so that different rooms can run different temperatures, further saving on energy and running costs. Much like the Monobloc, the Therma V Split Heat Pump is designed predominantly for new builds but is the optimum choice for restoration and renovation projects.

High Temperature Type

The Therma V High Temperature heat pump can generate hot water up to 80°C for cascade dual refrigerant cycles of R410a and R134a and up to 65°C for a single refrigerant high-temperature system.

Efficiency and optimisation

The Therma V heat pump works efficiently, even at temperatures as low as -15°C without having to use additional heat sources. Durable and long-lasting, the heat exchangers are processed in such a way so as to protect the unit against corrosion and pollution effects.

The Therma V Split Heat Pump can be connected with off-brand devices inclusive of solar cells which reduce the energy input, taking pressure off the grid and maximising the resource potential. In addition, LG heat pumps can adapt to full demand whilst only using the minimum energy needed to operate it and designed to adjust the compressor speed without switching the compressor on or off, or whilst operating at full power.

Additional Features

LG heat pumps can be controlled remotely via an app and have four different functions that enable it to work effectively and efficiently.

These include:

  • Weekly scheduling

  • Silent operation

  • Control of water temperature

  • Thermostat control of water temperature

  • Heating emergency operation

The Therma V units come as a 2 unit system, one of which is equipped with an emergency heating mode which can be activated manually in case of problems or the failure of one unit without compromising on the desired temperature.

The system is equipped with Inverter Technology, which optimizes heat provision to minimize the amount of energy used. Compression rates vary and depend on an evaluation of the desired temperature and the current room temperature to achieve a consistent heat without wasting any energy.

Prices vary depending on the size of the property and overall consumption vs. the desired temperature. An LG engineer can provide a reliable estimate from the details you provide via an online form.

Thanks to its green credentials, the Therma V units are eligible for government-funded incentives; it is Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved and qualified for Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI).

Images courtesy of LG