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Gosport Ice Rink installs air-to-water heat pump to prevent permafrost forming

An ice rink might not seem like the most obvious place to install an air-to-water heat pump but at Gosport Ice Rink in Hampshire, the installation of LG Therma V changes perceptions.

LG’s popular Therma V range of air source heat pumps were specified at the Gosport Ice Rink in Hampshire. In order to keep the ice cold, a cooling circuit is embedded into concreteor sand. This can freeze below, causing permafrost which, over time, can cause structural damage if left untreated.

In order to avoid permafrost forming, heat needed to be channeled beneath the rink. Gosport installed LG’s Therma V air-to-water heat pump, which replaced the old supply and converts it to an ethylene glycol/water solution.

Frost heave is an issue in areas where ice pads are situated due to being laid over front susceptible soils and the fact that the ice is present and maintained year round. Therma V’s inverter technology provides heat recovery supplied by a refrigeration plant located beneath the ice to prevent frost heave.

G&O Refrigeration’s General Manager Rob Hedges said of the technology, 

“Basically, ice rinks have a cooling circuit that is below the ice in concrete or sand. This keeps the ice cold. Eventually, this will freeze the ground below it and cause permafrost. This has the ability to move any structure in the immediate area and can cause major structural problems over time.

Providing heat below the insulation ensures this permafrost formation cannot take place. We needed to provide heat below an existing ice rink by replacing the old supply and convert it to an ethylene glycol/water solution. This is a mixture that works well through an LG Therma V system. We selected the unit we have installed for energy efficiency and ease of installation on the site.”

Image Credit: Planet Ice, Gosport,