YGHP Heat Interface Unit: Indirect HIU  


The HIU should be used exclusively for radiator/floor heating and DHW preparation.

YGHPs Heating Interface Unit (HIU) product range is designed to satisfy a wide variety of customer demands in terms of heating and domestic hot water (DHW).

The HIU provides complete solutions for apartments and houses to make radiator heating or underfloor heating

and instantaneous DHW preparation with thermostatic control.

The HIU Indirect is specifically designed for  radiator / floor heating and instantaneous DHW
preparation with thermostatic control.

It has all the necessary components (e.g. valves, heat exchangers (DHW heat exchanger and heating circuit heat exchanger), pump, expansion vessel, pipes, fitting and
connections) to deliver convenient and efficient DHW and heating.

Optional components such as the re-circulation component enables the HIU to deliver instantaneous DHW, the hot water priority component switches the HIU to
prioritise the DHW supply, and the Thermostatic Actuator enables the HIU floor to open or close the heating circuit remotely.

The HIU indirect has 3 types based on the number of plates of its DHW heat exchanger: 30, 40, or 70 plates.

To connect the HIU indirect with the piping system of apartments or houses, mounting plates with 8 Ball valves are used. The flushing bypass component enables flushing and venting the system before commissioning.

The HIU indirect is covered with a high quality thermal EPP Cover.


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