YGHP All-In-One Hot Water Heat Pump: YGHP HP200  


YGHP all-in-one floor standing  heat pumps offers the customer hassle free, cost effective energy saving on hot water. YGHP Heat pumps are appliances designed for high-efficiency production of domestic hot water. They represent lastest generation “air to water” heat transfer technology ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency class.

  • ERP A+
  • Optional connections to solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
  • Minimum and maximum temperature of the incoming air:( at 90% R.H): +4 up to +43 ⁰ C
  • Operation modes - Automatic / Economy / Rapid heating   
  • Automatic defrost system.   
  • Anti-Legionellae disinfection cycle
  • Low noise levels   
  • Highly efficient rotary compressor   
  • Eco friendly refrigerant   
  • COP 2.8 – 3.1 according to EN16147  Indoor 20 ⁰c