Modular Planter System : Lighter Spec  


Lighter Spec Modular Planter System Design: Provides a means of building planters in a range of shapes and sizes that are quick and easy for on-site assembly. Manufactured in Naturally Very Durable Hardwood along with the stakes, pegs and matched grain pellets.

Dimensions: Each planter component measures 140mm deep x 40mm thick, therefore the height of the planter is determined by multiples of 140mm. e.g. two deep is 280mm high and four deep is 560mm high etc. Multiples of the below standard length options can achieve planters of varying sizes. Non-standard sizes and shapes are available on request.

All planters can be supplied with an optional base, including holes to take fork-lift when required, slatted seat top or linking seat.

Light units can be recessed and fitted if specified.

Available FSC Certified.

Bespoke Lighter Spec Modular Planter options can be made to order – the only limitation is your imagination.