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The WOOD-SKIN® process transforms rigid materials into 3D sheets of a “programmable” composite with the potential to be coded and given a specific form through a one-step fabrication process. The patented technology enables the panel to fold along “digital hinges”, much like origami.

From the flat state, the material morphs into the third dimension, where it can assume a range of forms and functions limited only by the imagination of the designer, without losing structural strength.

As its name implies, WOOD-SKIN® was originally conceived to give organic form to wooden panels with a wide range of veneers. Today, thanks to partnerships with selected Italian and international brands, the process can be applied to many different rigid materials such as aluminum, solid surface or HPL, giving them a new three-dimensional life.

WOOD-SKIN® was founded in 2013 to help architects and designers bridge the gap between the creative freedom of digital representation and the practical realities of the construction site.

With our patented software-driven technology, WOOD-SKIN®, flat surfaces can be projected into the third dimension and into the digital era. And design ideas once thought to be too extravagant or expensive become both possible and affordable.

We are architects, designers, and engineers with a shared passion for materials, digital fabrication, and software, which led us to challenge the technical and economic obstacles to creating complex 3D surfaces with conventional cladding materials like wood, felt, cork, plastic, and metal.

We believe that real innovation lies at the intersection of composite materials and digital fabrication, where technology becomes the enabling factor for new building methods and a new design grammar.

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