SVK Fibre Cement Facades  


Natural Partnership
SVK Fibre Cement Facades are versatile by design, with adaptability and durability at their core. As a family business with over a century of experience producing construction materials, SVK are a natural partner for Wienerberger.

Their specialty is the production of fibre cement across a number of applications,  ncluding the SVK Fibre Cement Facades, and their rich tradition in the construction industry mirrors Wienerberger’s own.   

A commitment to service and quality, fostering skills and developing solutions for the future. The perfect partner to help enhance Wienerbeger’s existing
facade offering.

Colour and Combination
Unlock the aesthetic impact of colour, with an endless range of shades and
combinations. Whether your project suits natural and neutral tones, in keeping with the
surrounding environment, or a bright and bold statement, the SVK range can deliver.

Combining or juxtaposing hues creates even more versatility and variation,
resulting in an almost endless number of creative options.

Aesthetic Flexibility
Across the SVK range, panels can be made to measure or cut on site, offering the flexibility to play with shape and size for both new build and renovation.

Forget the limitations of technical feasibility, and instead focus on achieving
a truly innovative and striking arrangement.

Mixing colour and form with finish allows for an even greater aesthetic range. From  aturalistic lightly sanded cement, to a smooth and matte modern surface.

Per formance and Possibility
Facades by Wienerberger offer an array of advantages, and the SVK range is no different. This low maintenance building solution requires just simple water or detergent to remove dirt, which guarantees a longer lifespan and a better visual appearance when installed and maintained to manufacturer’s instructions.

The lightweight panels are easy to install on a wide range of substrates, and
provide excellent weather, fire and impact resistance.

SVK facades can also sit alongside other facade solutions or traditional materials to meet the complex requirements of renovation projects. The lightweight solution can be installed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption, and the range of colour and finish options can complement existing aesthetics. SVK facades really have been designed with performance and flexibility in mind.