Em-Line oversleeve glazing  


Em-Line Vertical is a cost-effective multi-walled polycarbonate glazing system that provides excellent thermal value, maximum light transmission and a long lifespan. It is particularly well suited to situations where existing glazing can’t be removed or when costs would be prohibitive – usually buildings with clerestory and vertical glazing, tank rooms and façades with cladding materials such as asbestos.

The design of Em-Line Vertical’s patented connection system makes it fast and simple to install: it fits like an oversleeve to an existing structure, seated on a new Em-Curb upstand which is waterproofed to the same specification as the flat roof. Its low cost, simplicity, rapid installation times and lowprofile aesthetic makes Em-Line Vertical a popular solution for otherwise challenging roofing projects at schools, sports halls, shopping centres, showrooms and industrial buildings.