Em-Glaze Modular: Flat Glass Modular Rooflight  


Em-Glaze modular flat glass rooflights are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing prefabricated flat glass rooflights. They are available in a wide range of sizes or can be made to measure. Em-Glaze flat rooflights provide a clean, minimalistic finish inside and out.

Manufactured with flat sealed glass units, each rooflight incorporates a fully welded aluminium frame and cill detail. All visible aluminium is polyester powder coated light grey as standard or they can be colour coated if required.

Flat Rooflight Design

The flush design of the Em-Glaze modular rooflight ensures efficient rainwater drainage. The silkprint edge also guarantees that the double glazed unit holds unrivalled insulation value over it’s full lifetime. Many rooflight accessories are available to be used in conjunction with the Em-Glaze flat rooflights.

  • Air-tightness (EN 12207) Class 4 (60pa)
  • Thermal Insulation (EN ISO 10077-2) 1.24 W/m2K