WP-MAXIMA Solid Product. Excellent value, completely natural and manufactured in solid wood. Tongue and Groove joints on four sides. Inherent stability due to reverse side with flexible cross tongue therefore ideal for complete adhesion. Ideally suitable for commercial applications due to the 8 mm thick solid wood wear layer. Top quality appearance due to the bevel on the edges and the additional brushed surface treatment

  • Dimensions Board Dimensions: 15x 120 x 500+1000 mm 15 mm Total Thickness., 8 mm Hardwood Top Layer
  • Material(s) Solid Wood
  • Colour(s) Fumed Oak Black Pepper Fumed Oak, Oak Mandel, Oak, Oak Auster, Oak Kaschmir
  • Finish/effect/texture Prefinished ProStrong Lacquered Prefinished ProActive+ UV Cured Oiled Prefinished ProVital Oiled
  • Special features Bevel on longitudinal and header joints. Tongue and groove joints on four sides
  • Suitability/use Suitable for all types of applications, ie retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential