WP-CLASSIC 521. Solid block parquet. Prestigious and of great ecological value due to the solid wood construction. The globally unrivalled solid block parquet with square edges provides a quality product prefinished in either ProStrong, ProActive+ or ProVital surface finish. Guarantees unbeatably reduced installation times. Ideally suitable for commercial applications due to the 10 mm thick solid wood wear layer.

  • Dimensions Board Dimensions: 21 x 60 x 500 mm 21 mm Solid Block Parquet., 10 mm Hardwood Top Layer
  • Material(s) Solid wood,
  • Colour(s) Oak Black Pepper Oak Mandel, Oak, Oak Auster, Oak Kaschmir
  • Finish/effect/texture Prefinished ProStrong Lacquered Prefinished ProActive+ UV Cured Oiled Prefinished ProVital Oiled
  • Special features Square edge solid parquet block Reduced installation times
  • Style Suitable for all types of applications, ie retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential