Intelligent patented double-click system with the greatest interlocking power on the market.
Patented press-stud principle for simultaneous locking of the longitudinal and header joints in one movement. Fast and simple one-man assembly and disassembly, Can be completely adhered to the subfloor.
Header joint edge locking mechanism is made from solid hardwood only.
Spruce supporting material with vertically arranged growth rings.
Hydrostop - unique all round joint edge impregnation, provides the ultimate protection against the ingress of moisture due to small spillages.
Suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

  • Dimensions Board Dimensions: 14 x 193 x 2245 mm 14mm Total Thickness, 3.6 mm Hardwood Top Layer
  • Material(s) Hardwood & spruce
  • Colour(s) Fumed Oak Black Pepper Oak Black Pepper Fumed Oak, Nut steamed, Oak Coffee, Oak Havanna, Oak Krokant, Beech Steamed, Oak Ginger, Oak Mandel, Oak, Oak Pure,
  • Finish/effect/texture Prefinished ProStrong Lacquered Prefinished ProActive+ UV Cured Oiled Prefinished ProVital Oiled
  • Special features Intelligent patented double-click glueless system with great interlocking power.
  • Suitability/use Suitable for all types of applications, ie retail, commercial, hospitality industry and residential