TDR Threshold Channel  


Stainless Steel Threshold Drainage (to help protect a building threshold from ingress/ponding of rainwater landing on an external door), with 2" BSP dia. outlet.. The specially formed channel is installed allowing a path for rainwater to flow into the hidden channel below. The channel also has facility to receive run-off from a sub-cill and/or from the damp proof membrane. Channel is supplied with a T1702 adaptor to 50mm plastic pipe as standard, larger outlets may be specified.


To specify an option, add option letter(s) as a suffix to the Spec. Code

  • M - grade 316 stainless steel


Stainless Steel - Austenitic Grade 304 and 316: Used for bodies, gratings, funnels, access covers, filter buckets and fixings. A corrosion-resistant metal containing significant amounts of nickel and chromium; AISI grade 304 stainless steel is used as standard, which is suitable for general use in and around buildings including most coastal locations. In applications such as swimming pools or having an aggressive atmosphere, grade 316 is recommended and is available on request. An even higher grade may be required for applications in highly corrosive environments including where exposure to seawater may be anticipated. Clean with soap and warm water rinse and wipe dry. Gratings may also be cleaned in certain dishwashers. Under no circumstances treat with metal scouring pads, metal scrapers or wire wool as these will contaminate surfaces leaving rust spots. Take care to cover stainless steel items when site work is going on, to avoid contamination with rust-inducing particles such as when mild steel or cast iron items are being cut.