VMZINC® has been manufacturing a wide range of rolled zinc products used primarily for building envelopes since 1837.

In addition to batten cap and standing seam roof systems, products include rainwater systems, a wide range of cladding systems, including a number of rainscreen facade products. Since its creation the company has also produced decorative roofing products such as dormers, bull’s eyes, weather vanes, finials and balustrades

With over 100,000 tons of rolled zinc products sold world-wide every year, VMZINC is the world leader in zinc and is particularly well established in European, American and Asian markets.

There are many reasons for choosing VMZINC® for your roofing and facade projects. Zinc is naturally resistant to corrosion, is extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. In addition, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing appearance, make it the material of choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial complexes, public buildings and private projects.

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