Draught proofing  


Ventrolla offers draughtproofing services:

Manufactured from polypropylene, with fin that stands 1.5mm proud of the pile

Pile heights range from 3mm to 15mm, with a width of 6.7mm, to suit all gap sizes, which are assessed by our Installers on site.

Silicone treated to improve water repellency and is ultraviolet stabilised

Meets all requirements of BS 7386:1997 and conforms to EN 29002, one of the most demanding European Quality Standards

Our unique two-piece parting bead replaces the existing parting beads with the Weatherfin Pile already installed

A ‘U’ shaped section is screwed into the original parting bead groove and detachable pile carrier is snapped into the U section to allow future removal of sashes

The height of the required Weatherfin Pile is established to eliminate air infiltration and allow low friction operation

The parting bead is extruded in specifically formulated unplasticised resistant grade uPVC, giving excellent resistance to weathering.