Casement Windows  


A real case from just £500 per window. There is a simple joy to opening a solid casement window and allowing a warm fresh breeze to enter your home.

Ventrolla's services include: 

Renovate Old Timber: Just like sash windows, the first part of casement repairs focus on renovating or replacing any rotten timbers in the casement sash or frame.

Renovate Or Replace: If required, a new moving sash can be made to replace the existing sash in your casement window and simply replace the old one. This can be single or double-glazed, dependent on choice and budget.

Draught Proofing System: Next we focus on performance upgrading the window by installing a draught proofing system, our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System.

Installation: The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is installed into the frame of the casement window, depending upon its construction, or, if appropriate, installed into staff bead around the frame.

Permanent Fixing Point: The draught proof pile carrier is routed into the timber of your window giving a permanent fixing point and making the system an integral part of the window.

Completion: Finally, we check your window is opening and closing properly, and replace or install any new hardware, if required.