Brimstone poplar cladding  


Brimstone poplar is produced by thermally modifying fast growing British poplar to produce a durable, stable and consistent timber product that is ideally suited to exterior cladding applications. The Brimstone range includes ash, poplar and sycamore.

Brimstone poplar is produced from plantation trees grown originally for the match making industry. Poplar is a perfectly designed environmental cleaner, absorbing large quantities of water and carbon dioxide during it’s rapid growth, but in recent years it’s value as raw material has declined, dissuading land owners from planting the next generation of trees.  Thermal modification has once again created a commercial for this tremendous tree encouraging woodland management and future planting.

Brimstone poplar is produced from the clean butt of the tree where the wood is straight grained and relatively knot free. The texture is silky and made more attractive by the regular ‘birds eye’ pips.

Brimstone poplar is available in our full range of machined profiles.

For more information see the Brimstone poplar technical specification.