UZIN KE 2000 S Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for most floor coverings  


Pressure-sensitive dispersion adhesive with very high bond-strength for resilient floor coverings

• As a semi-wet, pressure-sensitive, contact or double-drop adhesive with strong thread-formation and a wide range of uses

• High residual adhesive effect, reliable adhesion even on non-absorbent surfaces


• For homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl floor coverings in sheets and tiles

• For carpets and textile floor coverings

• For luxury vinyl tiles

• For rubber flooring in sheets, e. g. noraplan® up to 4 mm

• For chlorine-free resilient floor coverings, e. g. Upofloor LifeLine®

• For PUR floor coverings in sheet up to 2.0 mm, e. g. WPT PURline®

• For Flotex

• For wall coverings, e. g. PVC floor coverings in bathrooms

• For all UZIN insulation and installation underlays


• Open time: 10 – 45 minutes

• Working time: 15 – 120 minutes

• Set to traffic: after 24 hours

• Sealing/filling joints: after 24 hours

• For interior use

• Solvent-free

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