UZIN AS 51 Powder Based Cement Additive  


Highly effective screed additive for reducing the setting time of cementitious screeds.

  • Reduces the amount of mixing water required.
  • Produces higher strength screeds.
  • Helps prevent shrinkage and therefore improves the heat transfer with hot water under floor heating.
  • Reduces the occurrence of stress cracks.


  • Cementitious screeds
  • Floating screeds
  • Hot water underfloor heating
  • All screed pumping systems


  • Powderbased
  • Reduces the amount of water up to 25 %
  • Shortens the setting time
  • Reduces tension and cracks
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Increased strength
  • Does not affect the emission characteristics of emission controlled screed mortars

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