UZIN SC 980 Low Shrink Rapid Cement  


• Extremely low incidence of cracking, low-stress, reliable and conforms to construction standards

• Fast work in large areas without crack-inducing joints, significantly reduces cost / m²

• Screeding and flooring work can be completed in the shortest possible time


• For producing bonded screeds, floating screeds,

screeds on separating membranes, heated screeds

• For screed installation under time pressure

• For screeds without deformation or edge-sinkage

• For joint-free large areas up to 200 m² in one go


• Working time: 60 – 90 minutes

• Set to foot traffic: after 12 hours

• Ready for covering: after approx. 24 hours

• Heat drying: after 3 days

• Variable strength classification, CT-C25-F4 up to CT-C40–F6

• For interior and exterior use

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