i-Modo is a video door phone monitor over IP protocol, and much more. i-Modo lets you view live video surveillance images and use the intercom or VoIP video call services thanks to the built-in front camera. i-Modo lets you manage building automation functions, play stereo audio content, view videos and pictures thank to its SD-Card interface. 

  • Ready for integration into iperhome
  • 7” colour touchscreen display
  • Unlimited intercom calls from on-screen virtual keypad or directory
  • Unlimited activations thanks to the virtual keypad
  • Can call several control units or manned stations
  • Management of two electric locks
  • Selectable ringer tone
  • Surveillance camera scan
  • Message backlog enquiry
  • Automatic door opener function
  • Mute with led signalling
  • Audio with two loudspeakers

The iModo is now available with a flush mounting kit and demand is high for this super slim touchscreen. The flush iModo retains all of the functions and features of the iModo including, dual LAN ports, PoE powered and a full 7” glass touchscreen.The flush mounting kit is easy to install and is supplied with a separate embedding box and plaster board fixings allowing first fix to be completed. The touchscreen is then be secured to the embedding box and a white or black frame applied to give a super slim profile of just 6mm.