Elekta is the digital entry panel with IP protocol that opens the door to IPerVoice, Urmet’s digital system that goes beyond the concept video door phone system. The unmistakeable Urmet style features polished finish, top quality materials, smooth, stylish design lines. Countless functions are presented on an aesthetically pleasing 3.5” colour display.

Video door phone functions are supplemented with all advanced functions of the Urmet IperVoice system: call from name directory, video message with customizable logo, route indication from entry gate to selected residence, integrated video surveillance. All this is available on the Elekta unit through convenient soft-touch controls arranged on the unit body that features rounded corners, chrome-plated edges and a smooth, polished surface that lends it a uniform, stylish appearance.

Elekta is the digital entry panel for the IPerVoice digital system, and comes in flush mount style. It is very easy to install because there are no modules to be assembled.