Surface Water Drainage Channels  


Prefabricated Systems for ULMA Linear Drainage are the result of combining our material, polymer concrete, with its prefabricated capacity, which gives it an unbeatable ease of installation and manpower saving. All of our drainage channels are designed and fabricated in accordance with Standard EN-1433*. We also have a professional team with extensive experience that provides our customers with customized consulting and service.

We have the widest range of channels, gratings and accessories in the market, supplying the entire drainage system. We have a specific solution for the application you need.

* Our products are designed according to the premises of EN 1433 STANDARD "Drainage channels for the circulation areas used by pedestrians and vehicles. Classification, design and testing requirements, marking and evaluation of compliance". This Standard specifies the definitions, classes, design and testing requirements, marking and quality control for drainage channels.

Technical data: Hidraulic calculation OptimalDrain, ULMA Architectural Solutions Hydraulic Calculation software.
Classification by drainage channels load class.

  • Material(s) Polymer concrete