ULMA Architectural Solutions

ULMA Architectural Solutions

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Scaifs Farm, Selborne Road, Alton Hampshire GU34 3HL

Tel: 01420 88839
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Prefabricated Systems for ULMA Linear Drainage are the result of combining Ulma material, polymer concrete, with its prefabricated capacity, which gives it an unbeatable ease of installation and manpower saving. All of Ulma's drainage channels are designed and fabricated in accordance with Standard EN-1433. Ulma also have professional team with extensive experience that provides their customers with customized consulting and service. 

Ulma have the widest range of channels, gratings and accessories in the market, supplying the entire drainage system. Ulma have a specific solution for the application you need. 

People are Ulma's main asset. This is why they promote motivating working environments which promote participation and the generation of new ideas by means of their Ongoing Improvement system.

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Each model has been designed for a specific application and the objective of this video is to present the full range.


ULMA drainage systems at the Internat...


ULMA Architectural Solutions was present for the third time in a row at the WOC event in Las Vegas, USA.