Solar Control Film by The Window Film Company  


Solar control film from The Window Film Company will help reduce solar gain, helping ensure a moderate, comfortable and enjoyable internal temperature. By keeping premises cool during the summer months, solar control film can help reduce the strain on cooling systems, in turn reducing energy costs.

The Window Film Company's solar control window film is available in a range of grades and finishes, providing a choice of performance and aesthetic qualities. Once installed, the film is easy to maintain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits as soon as it is in place.

Excess heat can be an issue for any property with outward facing windows. With the sunlight streaming through the glass, temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable. Solar control window film will prevent this steady heat build up, resulting in a more stable temperature, reflecting away the suns energy before it enters the room, making it a more effective solution than traditional methods like blinds, which allow the heat to enter the room.

Solar control film can also deliver added benefits, including fade protection and glare reduction.

For more information on solar control film, it's capabilities and performance, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477. Alternatively, additional details on the range of solar control films supplied and installed by The Window Film Company can be found on our website.