iQ Optima  


Tarkett’s iQ range lives up to its name “Intelligent Quality”. With outstanding durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance and the best life cycle costs, iQ outperforms every other product on the market. With a palette that covers the full colour spectrum and that offers everything from classic to the latest trends, iQ is the perfect choice for a wide range of uses, from education and healthcare to offices and public buildings.

The source of the iQ range’s performance is Unique Surface Restoration - the result of years of work in raw materials and production, and maintenance requirements. This innovative technology produces a glasshard surface that requires only dry buffing to regenerate its original appearance and that requires no wax and no polish forever.

All iQ floorings contain non-phthalate plasticizers and have emissions below quantifiable level measuring less than 10 µ/m3 TVOC after 28 days*. iQ Optima flooring is made from 54% natural or renewable materials, including a plasticizer based on renewable ressources.It contributes to optimal indoor air quality through emissions below quantifiable level,reduced use of water, detergents and energy for cleaning, and is 100% recyclable.

  • Colour fastness (EN ISO 105-B02) ≥ 6
  • Fire Building Regulations Bfl-s1
  • Electrostatic propensity < 2
  • Thermal resistance Approx. 0.01
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK) Approx. 0.01
  • Clean room test (ASTM F51/00) A
  • Thickness 2mm
  • Abrasion resistance T, &#8804; 2.0
  • Residual indentation (EN 433) Approx. 0.03