Available in a palette of primary and neutral colours in a unique non directional design with 3D effect, iQ Eminent offers extra design flexibility for architects looking to create a harmonious flooring experience. As part of the iQ range, this high-performance vinyl floor provides extreme durability as well as superior wear, stain and abrasion resistance for all heavy-traffic areas. No need for polish or wax, a simple dry-buffing is enough to restore this floor's original appearance.


  • Unique design with 3D effect

  • Ideal for heavy-traffic areas

  • Best life-cycle cost on the market

  • Unique dry-buffing surface restoration

  • Underfloor heating suitability Yes (maximum 27°C)
  • Installation Glue-Down
  • Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
  • Electrostatic propensity ≤ 2 kV
  • Slip resistance (DIN 51130) R9
  • Residual indentation (EN 433) 0.10 mm
  • Total weight 2800 g/m²
  • Thickness 2 mm